Saturday, September 2, 2017

Day 15 – Letter to the person you miss the most

Dear child in me,

Where are you? I do hope you are still here even though I cannot feel the presence. I need you. Do you know I am walking on the toughest path of my life? I shine a smile on my face but no one knows the struggle within me.

open letter to the person you miss the most

There is no one to talk to. There are many, but there is no person whom I can speak to carefree. I want to be like you again - a child, who lives with no fear, who lives life to the fullest, who is happy with the smallest things in life.

I have seen you working hard for the goals you set without any distractions. I am just not able to do it. I procrastinate, procrastinate and procrastinate. WTH! is going on with me? I am struggling to balance all the sections of life but keep falling down.

You were so simple. You never expected anything out of the reach yet you were there - on the top, happy, content and always focused.

The loneliness never bothered you, but its killing me. Trust me I try my best to keep myself busy. But there comes a time of stillness. When there is no sound, yet the voice inside my head screams. "Why? When? How?"

I am waiting for a miracle. Is there anything like a miracle? Or is it only a way to pacify ourselves that everything will be alright? I haven't put a veil on the reality but I fear of breaking down.

Please come back.

who lost you while growing up.

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