Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Twitter Tuesday

Why twitter Tuesday? Because Twitter is a platform for microblogging and I want to keep this blog post short. I want to continue with the ritual of writing each day even if it is short.

Talking about ritual I listened to one of the mastery sessions (5 Powerful Rituals) by Robin Sharma on the app - Robin Sharma Speeches. (I am a freak when it comes to anything related with self-improvement, motivational and self-love. I listen to podcasts, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, J.K.Rowling whenever my mind is calm and head clear)

The highlight of the session was “Consistency is the mother of mastery.” And consistency is what I have been lacking all throughout my life especially this year. I had listed down goals for this year but like resolutions they are melting away.

The first ritual is Waking up early (Seriously!?) I am a night owl. I have tried my best to go sleep early and wake up early. I can wake up with the help of an alarm obviously (snoozing it two times though) but after 2 hours I feel so drowsy and sleepy. I go back to sleep. (Failed! Attempt number: I have lost counts)

The other ritual I liked and want to stick to it is: The ritual of continuous learning (Becoming a 60-minute student). To elaborate it: Commit at least 60 minutes of learning each day without any distractions.

My mind is like a butterfly. (Please tell me it is same for you and am not the lone butterfly out here) After listening it I realized I do nothing like 60 minute learning. I mean not even at work. I can’t sit at stretch. I am a multitasker.

I will definitely try these rituals and keep you updated. You can read all the 5 rituals here.

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