Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I Want To 'Get High'

I want to get high
To forget, to feel
To forget, to love
To forget, to be loved

I want to get high
To be indifferent
To be callous
To be deaden

I want to get high
To run away from remorse
To escape the obligations
To break the expectations

I want to get high
To write what I want
To do what I want
To be who I want

I want to get high
To be a mess
To be flawed
To be just not perfect

I want to get high
To be the one
I want to be
But just couldn’t
When I am Sound!

©Beyond Horizon

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Make A Room For Me In Your Heart

I trace your face with my eyes
I crave your embrace

Our touch will bring on storm
I drown into your
Tender and delicate love
Consume me to very core
Reveling in the fire desire

I want you to
Make a room for me
In your heart
But only for a while
Yes, only for a while

When the clock strikes right
I will pluck out of your heart
Leaving you bleeding

But Oh! My Love!
Here’s my heart
Forever yours

To be complete
We have to live apart
Broken together

©Beyond Horizon

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Monday, November 6, 2017

I Carry You Within Me

I carry you within my soul,
In my soul, i’ll keep you safe

I’ve etched you in my heart,
In my heart, i’ll continue to love

You’re my strength,
You’re my courage

I fear no life’s conspiracy,
I fear no fate

Your love is sacred,
Your love is celestial

I carry you in my silence,
In my silence, you’ll be loved

I carry you within me,
Within me, your eternal love

©Beyond Horizon

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