Friday, January 5, 2018

Don't Love Me - The Final Chapter

This was the day. She decided to take the control of her life in her hand. She was done with love. Actually she understood 'what love is' after this phase of life. It wasn't love. She wrote two letters: To Him and To 'You'.

To Him,

I loved you and you loved me. Well, actually I thought it was love. No, it never was love. What we have is 'attachment' and an attachment always end up in hurt. It was an illusion but all this time we were selfish to take 'something' from each other. I am not blaming you. I am the culprit in this too.

I gave you the switch of my happiness. You clicked it as you desired. I had no control over it. I am taking it back. In fact there wasn't any switch cause happiness always was and is within me. It was me who all this while believed my happiness depended on you. You laughed, I laughed. You cried, I cried. But I got carried away with this attachment. I cried, You watched from a distant. You blamed me for all the worldly unhappiness happening to you. 

Thank you for everything. This is a genuine Thank you. Why? Because I 'learned' from it. It made me the person who I am today. All of the dark, gloomy days I lived in was self-created. It was never you. It was always me. I was attached to you.

Love gives you wings. Even if there is a cage, love leaves the door open. Love wants to see your happiness. Resistance is not love. Blaming each other is not love. Holding each other in crisis is Love. Love may not cry with you, but it stays with you till the last drop of tear. 

Love is not 'attachment'. We are attached and this is what has made us prisoner of each others life. I am standing besides you due to obligations. If time comes, I will break those obligations without any fear.

Don't Love Me, Because It was never Love!

To You,

We were foolish then to not understand what we had and we are foolish now despite of knowing what we have. 

I love you, yes, I do. You let me be 'me'. You never judge me. You accepted me with my flaws. You still are with me despite knowing I can't be with you. You said it was your selfishness but it is mine too, may be greater than yours because I want 'to be loved'. 

I don't want you to be my need or want. I don't want you to be tied with me. I don't want me to be your ache whenever love is talked about. I don't know how long I can hold on to the 'something' which we are breathing. 

Our love is not a sin. I am a sinner because my love will put you in agony, the most painful one you ever had. 

Life never cheated on us. We were ignorant. We will live with one regret forever - we left each other whenever life aspired us to be together.

I am villainous amongst the one you ever loved.  So,

Don't Love Me, Please Don't Love Me. My Love will Only Leave You Hurt!

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  1. A beautifully etched tales and there are lines about compulsion in love which stays with us. Being in love is not about resistance or compulsion. True love should set us free.

  2. Yes, vishal. That's the very essence of the series I had tried to weave. Thanks for reading.