Monday, January 29, 2018

I Want To Write A Perfect Poetry For You

I want to write a perfect poetry or prose for you. Yes it should be perfect. You say there is nothing or no one perfect in this world. But I am not talking about how the world defines the word perfect. For me you are perfect with all your flaws and imperfections.

spoken poetry

So again, I want to write a perfect poetry or prose for you which I will compose in a song. I don't have knowledge about music but I have an ear to recognise a perfect song. I will strike the tunes which shall synchronise with our hearts resonance. When the song plays I don't want millions of heart to beat along with it but only yours. Because you will understand it is meant only for you and no other soul. I want the voice of Ed Sheeran for it. Big dream, I know, but not impossible, is it?

I will write the song not only about love, but it will be about the dumb discussion we have. It will be about how I tease you. It will be about how you laugh on my way of making an omelette till your stomach hurt and eyes water. It will be about how our stupid and crazy friendship turned into the craziest love which we never understood. It will be about how much it hurts to be away from you but with you.

It will sound a sad song for others but only our ears can listen the vibration of love. It will be about how we cannot commit to each other yet the love isn't obsolete. It will be about the fire of jealousy when you can talk and be with anyone other than me. It will be about our conversations we have over a drink, which we can never talk on when sober.

I will sprinkle our smiles, laughter, tears, pain on an octave. I will carve the distance between us on the high notes. I will scrap the evil, the sin, the lust on the low notes. I will engrave our names on every note of the song which will last for an eternity. Because I want the song to be perfect for you, for me, for us be together which we cannot in this life, but we will be in this song forever.

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