Monday, February 12, 2018

Does Love Brings Any Companions?

I never believed its existence

Someone made me to contemplate, “Is this how love feels like?”
I was naive to be thrilled.
“Yes! I have fallen in love.”

Love arrived
Along came the two companions: expectations, obligations

I busied myself to nurture them
Love got ignored, Love never complained

Love stepped out of the door without making any sound

Expectations and obligations got too nasty
I couldn’t live with them under one roof
I threw them out and hated love for bringing them
I forgot everything about love

I was happy and serene
When I opened the door to step out for a coffee

I was standing face-to-face with Love, again?
All alone in silence with no companion

expectations and obligations never come with Love

I hesitated to welcome Love in

This time I had my fear to accompany it


  1. Love and fear can never exist together. One always topples the other.

    Let go of the fear. The only way that I know to love is fearlessly and that's the best way.

  2. I totally agree with you Soumya, but the experiences I had gone or going through makes me to think the other way round.