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Th1rteen R3asons Why

Imagine if you receive the audio tapes with the life events narrated by the one who has committed suicide. Not just any stranger, but your friend or a sibling or your child. Suicide is an absolute contrary to the humans strongest instinct - 'survival'.

Thirteen Reasons Why, a netflix originals is an adaptation of the novel by Jay Asher. I am not talking about the TV series to 'review' it rather I want to highlight the essence of the novel - 'mental health'. The characters truly depicted the dark emotions going inside a teenager or young adults. A large proportion of adult suicide deaths occur between the ages of 15 years and 29 years.

Life events during teenage has the power to make or break. It is not easy to wipe off those memories. Every parent or being a family member should understand 'giving space', "respecting privacy" but should never hesitate to talk to each other or misinterpreting as 'interference.'

What drives a person to end his own life? We, humans are social animals. There is a reason that we are called as being "social". Even being an introvert doesn't make you stand outside this definition. Hannah Baker narrates her story with the raw feelings and experiences she goes through. How one incidence has a great impact on her. Following is the conversation between Hannah and the school counsellor:

Kevin Porter: [to Hannah] Why don't we start with how you're feeling right now.
 Hannah Baker: Right now?
 Kevin Porter: Yeah.
 Hannah Baker: Right now. Lost. I guess. Sort of empty.
 Kevin Porter: Empty?
 Hannah Baker: Yeah, I don't feel anything. Like I don't care anymore.
 Kevin Porter: You don't care about what?
 Hannah Baker: About anything. School, myself, the people here. My parents.
 Kevin Porter: Your parents?
 Hannah Baker: I mean, I care about them, but I'm not... I'm not who they need me to be.
Hannah Baker: I need it to stop.
 Kevin Porter: You need what to stop?
 Hannah Baker: I need everything to stop. Just people. Life.

Have you witnessed the feeling of 'nothingness'?

We often forget, ignore or are not aware that our behavior towards others can make or break a person. We rush too fast to label a person - introvert, extrovert, shy, timid, courageous. Do you believe in first impression is the last impression? It holds true but not every time. Every person reacts in a different manner for same stimuli and why does he react in the way depends on several factors.

Never judge a person. You haven't walked in his or her shoes.

13 reasons why dialogues

Hannah is a victim of bullying, shaming by her fellow classmates. These incidences are real, occur around us but they are shoved under the blanket or turned a blind eye.

Hannah speaks about the 13 reasons in the audio format. She did reach out for help but I was shocked how it turned out to be. She was laid down by her friends but she was also disappointed with herself for not coming out to speak against the sexual assault she witnessed.

Suicide may end life but it greatly affects the life of the beloved ones - parents, friends. They are grappled with guilt, anger and depression. This has been shown perfectly with the characters of Hannah's parents and friend - Clay. When everyone thought about why and who will believe what a dead girl has to say about sexual assault, bullying, rape, Clay fought for her.

13 reasons why dialogues

Things which we do not experience doesn't make them unreal. Hence Thirteen Reasons Why should be watched by parents with their children, teenagers or even adults.

Depression. Regret. Guilt. How often have you gone through them or lived in them? The topic of mental health is still considered a topic 'should not be talked about'.  We hesitate to reach out to ask for help. You may not be comfortable to talk to your parents, or spouse or friend. There is Talking therapy that helps you deal with the negative feelings.

“Life is unpredictable and control is just an illusion. And it makes us feel small and powerless.”

I know it is not easy to ask for help. Trust me I have been through it. Even after been educated all about counselling I couldn't help myself. The moment I took the appointment of a counselor was the best decision. I had been just breathing and not living. That one session with my counselor unveiled emotions and cleared off hazy thoughts.

Yes, Life goes on but it has no meaning if the bitter taste lingers despite of 'moving on'. Always remember - It is okay to be not okay. It is okay to be not perfect. It is okay not been loved by everyone

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