Monday, May 21, 2018

Aamhi Doghi – Marathi Movie

Watch the trailer of the movie first to get the essence of this post. It is not just a movie review.

“Yekda vatla na ki karun takaycha, mag nanter halhal vatat nahi.” (If you felt then you should do it, later on you shouldn’t keep thinking over it), this means “Have No regrets.” Savitri aka Savi (Priya Bapat) tells this to her step mom Amala (Mukta Barve) who she refuses to eat ice cone despite having the desire to eat it. We think over any matter thousand times before taking the action, sometimes we do not even act on it. Why? The one and only reason – fear. But the fear keeps lurking in our system and like a leech, regret sucks our peace.

aamhi doghi marathi movie

Savi is a liberal, outspoken lady and Amala is the opposite. Savi doesn’t fear to speak her heart out. But this outspoken and straightforward personality is labelled as being arrogant. She is rude to her father who after her mother’s death, keeps himself busy working. He provides everything to Savi which can be brought by money. The only thing and the important one, he never gives her is his time.

Amala is shy but not timid. She is wise and makes an effort to understand Savi. She tries to build a bridge between the gap of Savi and her husband.

Savi is surrounded with maids, gets whatever she orders. The lack of attention from her father makes her stubborn. The scene where Savi informs him that she has got admission in a research center in Mumbai is heart wrenching. Because she snaps at him, how she has grown up without him never being around. How he was absent in every milestone she achieved and he wasn’t the one to educate her regarding puberty and contraception.

We do not realise while chasing money to have a better future that, no matter what, we as human beings need companionship, quality time with each other.

I loved Savi’s character – she gets what she aims for with her hard work. She too has flaws, after all no one’s perfect. When Ram (her lover) discusses about marriage, she mirrored my thoughts which I wrote about in the post – Happy Anniversary. She loved him but does not believe in the institution of marriage. Her explanation – because love is a personal thing between two people and marriage is a legal binding, as per my opinion these two are not related with each other. So I am not going to get married to show this society.

aamhi doghi marathi movie dialogue

Our thoughts and personality blooms with upbringing and life experiences. Savi’s “arrogant” nature cannot hide her longing for someone to be with her. She encourages herself to talk with Amala (Ammi) and bonds with her. She is unaware about the reason her father married a female half of his age.

This movie paints every color of human personality with its characters. Though the movie was unnecessary long of about 2 hours which could have shortened. Despite this, all in all, a must watch movie. There is only one song (Konate Naatey) in the movie which beautifully depicts the bond between Savi and Ammi.

P.S. I simply loved the style of Priya Bapat in the movie. Her classy Indian attire with the bindi sparked her confidence. INT

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