Friday, May 4, 2018

Happy Anniversary

Their glasses clinked as they celebrated 10 years of living together. They aren’t married. They aren’t childhood sweethearts. They met in their early 30’s.

She: What makes two people stay together for this long?

He: By staying away from marriage?

She: I have seen couples split despite of not being married.

He: True.

She: So why do you think the disputes begin when a relation is labelled as “married”?

He: Marriage bring obligations.

She: Doesn’t living together bring them too?

He: Yes, but have you noticed those obligations are not limited to two people? Most often they are obliged to stay together for the eyes of the society. Why should unhappy individuals live together? Just to show “there is nothing wrong”? I call such marriage, unhealthy. Unhealthy for the spouses. Unhealthy for their children. Unhealthy for anyone close to them.

I do not want to marry for the obligation of being married because this society accept the term “marriage” but is okay with “unhealthy relationship” which has no life in it.

She: We are happy together this way, then.

He: Yes, we are.

happy anniversary quotes


I came up with the above conversation post, after watching the Netflix rom-com movie – Happy Anniversary.

happy anniversary netflix
Image Source: Netflix

I am not at all advising you to watch this movie because:

  1. It is slow paced
  2. I watched it over the span of 5 days, watching approximately 20 minutes of the movie at a time.

I still completed the movie for its theme and I liked it.

It is the day of Sam and Molly's third anniversary. Sam has prepared the breakfast and comes in their room to wish Molly when she s bluntly announces that she’s not happy.

Honeynoon stage is over!

A guy will probably swear a lot after hearing this as Sam does. He wants to know despite being together for three years what went wrong.

Sam and Molly begin to remember their all “first times” and it will make you remember yours too. The movie narrates how minor hiccoughs in a relation turn into full blown fights. Love is not only about passion, hugs, kisses but it is also messy and bit of a struggle. Molly’s parents are the example of how marriage is imperfect but never a mistake.

You can never “always be happy” in love. One need not strive looking for perfection. 

We are still finding out the reason individuals putting off the marriage.

So does Sam and Molly end up in a relationship or end their relationship? Watch the movie to see the hassles between two people in love / were in love. (Be prepared to hear too many 'F' word)


  1. You have raised some interesting and pertinent questions on obligations and love. Very well said and points to reflect on. I agree with you on the points made.

  2. Thank you so much Vishal. I had a tough time coming with the conversation. Questions were common, but finding answers to them, what can I say, I guess I wrote whats inside me and believe it.