Saturday, September 1, 2018

Coffee Shop: Love is Brewing

Watching romedy movies are my guilty pleasure! So when Netflix picked movies for me, Coffee Shop being among them I couldn't resist after reading its synopsis.

Coffee shop movie
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Coffee Shop is all about love; lost and found. The same forgotten love? Let the movie unveil it.

It is the story of Donavan Turner, independent woman in her 20s who spreads love through her coffee. Young and smart she owns a coffee shop in a scenic beach town. The peculiarity of visiting her shop: she has a perfect coffee choice matching people’s personality. Now who wouldn't love that! 

While Donavan is sweet, her sister, Becky is extrovert and doesn't hesitate to put her heart out. The sisterhood in the movie is a pleasure to watch. Becky and her boyfriend Kevin are both meddling characters who are striving to help Donavan in the romance department. But their choices differ and results into some entertaining scenes.

Donovan has a robust support from her co-workers Eli and Sarah (you'll always smile when they are in the scenes), regular coffee customers.  When Frank Miller, the newly appointed bank owner refuses to extend her loan she is on the verge of losing yet another important thing in her life she yearned.  

Who said life would get easy for Donovan? It gets intricate when Patrick (ex-boyfriend) sweeps back and announces his love for her (once again!) and offers to help her with the financial ruin.

Are you an ardent coffee lover? Then you would be familiar with the clashes with a tea-drinker and a coffee lover. So when Ben Carson comes from Broadway to rejuvenate his play writing skill and orders tea in a coffee shop, you must see the look of Donovan. The movie gets more interesting with their interactions.

Donovan cannot lose her coffee shop – her identity. The memories of her mother and her words are Donovan’s strength. She talks about her during a charity concert and sings a song that will not fail to warm your eyes. Watch out for the interaction between one of the loyal customer and Donovan who hands a letter from her mother.

Coffee Shop movie
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Highlight scene in the movie: Donovan waits for Patrick on their date (who is late) and Ben comes across her. Oh and she does look elegant! The sparks between them will make you talk inside your head – This is it, her love, dance with him, ditch Patrick. Will she?

Does she break down and lose everything she owns – coffee shop and love? The suspense level will make you watch the movie till the end.

Coffee Shop movie

Coffee Shop is a sweet romantic movie, well-plotted with amazing portrayal of characters. A perfect for the weekend filled with warmth and love.

Have you seen Coffee ShopWhat did you think? 

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  1. This seems like a movie I'll definitely enjoy. Really curious about the little fun elements too. Would be a fun watch.

  2. I watched this movie earlier this month on Netflix and liked it. Well, I am a sucker for romantic movies and this one quite fits the bill.