Friday, September 28, 2018

Destiny, A Twisted Belief - For Her

She: You are a pessimist!

He: I am a realist.

She: Is it helping you live life? 

He: I am living with no contemplation. 

She: How far?

He: Till the emptiness doesn't engulf me.

She: What about destiny?

He: (laughing out loud) Now, you are talking about destiny who curses it every time we met at crossroads.

Silence squeezes in-between them. 

She: Why aren't you ready for the new phase?

He: I do not want it. (says it curtly) 

She: Do not live in the past. (anger pitches her voice high) 

He: I am not. 
(leaves out a sigh)  I am not. 

He grips her hand admiringly.

She: I can see the past with its dark hands creeping your thoughts and slowly ruling over them. Leave it. Forget the people in it. You do not live there anymore, not anymore. 

Silence daunts once again. 

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