Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Her Glassy-eyed Stare

She was staring afar. She wasn’t blinking. Her eyes looked as if anesthetized.

He: Hey! (He revived her from the reverie by touching her hand)

It was strange, she wasn’t startled as if she knew where she was and yet lost. She looked straight in his eyes.

She: You know what I want now? I want a glass of wine or shots of vodka would be better. I want to drown in reality.

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He dreaded her glassy-eyed stare. Never did he witnessed such expression in the years he had known her. For the first time, he was scared. What will happen when he will let her go?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Heart Or Brain In Love

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And maybe someday I might find the reason 
why fate threw us apart
But for now
I shall keep cursing the time
I acted under obligations 
shoved you away 
breaking each other's heart

Sunday, October 21, 2018


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I don't want to experience ‘forever’, 
except when I am in your arms

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Remember The Night We Met!

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Remember the clinking of glasses
the sharp taste of firewater

Remember the frivolous talks
the mirth in it

Remember the hesitancy
the entwined fingers

Remember the stare
that pierced my heart

Remember the brush of lips
the tight snug

Remember the warm breath on skin
the cease of ‘what ifs’

Remember the wound of love
the ecstasy in the kisses

Remember the caresses
the deep touch within

Remember the night we met
when we became 'one'!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Forget Me

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The day we first met
And forget
The path walked together

I make you smile
And forget
The secrets we share

Break the mirror
If you see my reflection
And turn all the memories
into dust

Do not feel me
in the raindrops
in the spring winds
in the autumn leaves

Do not find me
in the footprints on sand
in the ocean waves
in the crystal moon

Let the dust
ripple over my name
Forget how it sounds
For what should be left
is a white noise

Forget the aisle
I am no longer waiting
Before I leave
I will make sure
I am gone from your mind

If you suddenly say
"still waiting for you"
with roses in hand

Running towards you
I will lift my arm
To never touch you
To never tell you,
"If you ever turn
I am here for you
I was always for you"

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Set It Up (Netflix Movie Review)

Set It Up Cast

Set It Up is a fast paced romantic comedy on Netflix directed by Claire Scanlon focusing on life of stressed out New York assistants, Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell). Harper works for a stringent, highly demanding sportswriter, Kirsten Stevens (Lucy Liu). She is an aspiring writer but struggles to finish off a single article and submit to her fearsome boss as her day is spent running and following commands. Charlie works in the same building for Rick Otis (Taye Diggs) who is outrageous, throws tantrums, stomps laptop and amidst of getting divorce.

Set it Up balances the demonstration of high and low economic strata in the society. Charlie's request of getting a promotion is turned a deaf ear and Harper struggles over paying bills despite working for high-profiled Kristen.

Movie Plot

Harper and Charlie are overworked and  strive daily full-filling demands of their high-powered bosses.  Late one night the two characters meet-up in the building lobby where Harper collects food for Kristen; only to find out the restaurant accepts only cash. Charlie forgets to order for his boss and grabs the opportunity by paying the cash. Harper can't go without the food, so negotiates with Charlie to share the food. They both come to realize of having highly- demanding bosses  and plan to make them fall in love so that they gain some freedom and live their life in peace.

Will the workaholics fall in love? Do they end up marrying?

set it up netflix movie

Harper and Charlie

Set It Up is a movie with quick-witted dialogues and  entertaining characters. Harper and Charlie have charismatic on-screen chemistry making you wish their type A personality bosses fall in love. You will smitten over the scenes of Harper and Charlie together with their sense of humour.

The two overworked characters try to squeeze out time for their respective love life. Harper goes on dates, thanks to Tinder. Charlie is committed to his girlfriend who fails to appreciate him. Can you imagine pizza as a romantic food? Watch out for the scene where Harper and Charlie share the pizza and what you see are the sparks of a lovely relationship.

set it up movie review

The Bosses

While I have talked about the charming assistants, the abrasive characters of Kristen and Rich are worth watching. If you loved Meryl Streep in 'The Devil Wears Prada', you might like these two. Their condescending behaviour towards their assistants who practically handles their life will annoy you. Kristen barks orders to her staff and Rick is a braggart. Though the story is about making them fall in love, these  pompous characters share less  on-screen time.

set it up movie dialogues

Small Yet Remarkable

The small characters enriches the movie: the waiter of the cafe, maintenance person of the office building. I particularly liked Harper and Charlie's friends in the movie. Watching them confirms, 'That's why friends are for!' Keep an eye for Becca's engagement  speech (Harper's friend).

Set It Up Dialogues (Witty, Sarcastic)

Harper: When my mom was my age, she had me. I've never even had a boyfriend.
Charlie: But you're like, a grown up.
Harper: Take that back.

Harper: "One is a beautiful woman with dark hair and a fierceness that's both scary and inspiring. The other is a guy."

Why should you watch the Netflix movie Set It Up?

  • If romantic comedies are your guilty pleasures (like mine)
  • If you are feeling low and are looking out for a feel-good movie
  • To fall in love with Zoey Deutch. She steals the show or I should say the movie!

Why you can skip watching the movie?

  • The movie is predictable, clichéd
  • You are 'this will happen next'  and 'I told you so!' type of person, stay away from it

Final verdict:

Set It Up is a perfect combination of a romantic comedy with its hilarious wit, laughing, crying, heartbreak and finding love at the end. We can never stop believing that, can we?  

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You like because, and you love despite.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Letter To Blogchatter

Dear Blogchatter,

Thank you for giving me an amazing writing month of September 2018 with My Friend Alexa campaign.

Let me tell you why I decided to participate in this campaign after all these years:

Beat Procrastination

I am master in it!

I was all buckled up for A to Z challenge, E-book carnival early this year but shoved it away at the end moment.

So when this time I received an email about My Friend Alexaparticipation I was up for it. Yes, I need a carrot to keep me going especially when it comes to writing.

Read, Read and Read

Over the years, reading fellow bloggers kept reducing. Seeing the reading list of 100 blogs to read in a week was overwhelming but an only way to put your footprints and appreciating the prevailing talent in this blogging world.

Improve Alexa rank

Yes, this wasn't my priority. (I solemnly swear!) But then from no alexa rank to 51,118 at the end of the month, the credit goes to you.

I agree I did miss live twitter chat, facebook live but I caught up with it as and when I could.

I cannot thank you enough, blogchatter. I look forward to participate in challenges and campaigns hosted by you.

Thank you again.

Beyond Horizon

How can I say adieu without giving shoutout to the proficient bloggers I came to know with My Friend Alexa campaign! The list does not favor any favouritism. It took efforts to dig out the names and the links from 100+ blogs that I visited.  

Shoutout To The Bloggers:

tales of SuchitaHer Be Still poem left me amazed and it felt so real.

One Mind, A Million ThoughtsHis 25-30 - The Age of Never Ending Tension or Haseen Dard blog post was analogous to my experiences in the decade I lived and said adios last year.

The Story-tellers who spin the words to create gripping posts:

Book reviewers:


Living Herself A fellow doctor

Adi's Journal: Perfectly woven marathi poems

A Magic Platter: An eye-appealing blog with healthy recipes on the platter

I am not a mommy but there is lot to learn from the following mommy bloggers:

Cheers to all of them!

 I hope to continue my writing and reading journey in October.