Friday, October 5, 2018

Forget Me

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The day we first met
And forget
The path walked together

I make you smile
And forget
The secrets we share

Break the mirror
If you see my reflection
And turn all the memories
into dust

Do not feel me
in the raindrops
in the spring winds
in the autumn leaves

Do not find me
in the footprints on sand
in the ocean waves
in the crystal moon

Let the dust
ripple over my name
Forget how it sounds
For what should be left
is a white noise

Forget the aisle
I am no longer waiting
Before I leave
I will make sure
I am gone from your mind

If you suddenly say
"still waiting for you"
with roses in hand

Running towards you
I will lift my arm
To never touch you
To never tell you,
"If you ever turn
I am here for you
I was always for you"


  1. Ah! So beautifully written about those days existing only in memory...stirring so much feeling inside me. I love your Mumbai tales too and just written about my Monsoon memory.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I read your post and miss my love. Your written article is good and wonderful. This post is emotional post . I share this post Towing Des Moines . Your post title is fantastic.