Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Beautiful Silence

They were standing next to each other under the lilac blue sky. The charcoal cloud swirls looked like a matt photograph. The turquoise blue river stream was shining unabashedly brilliant and hypnotic.  The warmth of their bodies and the majestic nature  were the version of perfect evening far from the hassles in their life.

There was a galaxy of fireflies above them, the only soothing source of light. Her elbow grazed across his arm while reaching for a firefly. He looked from the corner of his eyes and smiled. She was staring at the glinting little colorful light, happiness sparkled in her eyes.

short love story
Image source: Pinterest
The only movement were the dancing fireflies and their slow breathing. They both had their thoughts at switch-off mode. What mattered was this moment of being with each other. 

The blanket of silence enveloped their souls. It was comforting, the thousand unsaid words were understood. Their life back in the city will shatter the silence, so they embraced it tighter - their beautiful silence.

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