Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Blogiversary & Guest Post (Pending since 7 years)

It has been 9 years of penning down my emotions here. I can say this blog has seen the brightest and the darkest days of my life. I haven't been consistent in writing if you see the blog archive on the right side. 2018 brought the consistency in writing because a lot has changed. I shall sum it up in the last post: 2018 - The Year That Was.

Let me Thank You for reading and staying with me for 9 years. There are many silent readers. I am grateful to each one of you.

I am lost for words. Thank you once again and Christmas wishes to everyone.

Photo by Carl Attard from Pexels

To celebrate this blogiversary, following is the guest post by Eon Heath which he had written for me almost 7 years back. Our friendship holds a special place in my life.  I am sure you won't even read this but your post deserves my gratitude. Better late than never!

P: Pata hi nahi chala tumse chapar chapar kiye ek saal ho gaya!!
E: Bas ek hi saal hua?? :P Toh kya ab anniversary manana hai??
P: Haan. :P
E: Guest post??
P: Awesome idea!!
E: I know am awesome.. :P

So, after the above conversation and my awesome brainy coming up with this not so awesome idea of writing guest posts, here I am, the sincere me doing my part of the bargain!! *poor me*

Well, to think of it, girls are pretty weird to some extent. (not all of you!!) Do, you people really keep a tab of how long you have been talking ot someone? Or is it just the case with doctors keeping tab of their victims? ;-) [I think a few scalpels are being sharpened at this moment..] My opinion, its just doctors… :D

Err, well, if I rewind my life and kinda think about all the sooper awesome thingy that I did in the not so recent past, me thinketh, pestering Poonam.doc was what kept me going during all the not so good times of my life. And on her part, she has definitely got a lot smarter being in my company. (This doesn’t mean you can keep my brainy forever) Well, it’s a secret actually, I have lent my sooper awesome brainy to her for quite sometime now.. ;-)

To be honest, its comforting to know that there are people with whom you can be the stupid self and not be judged. {Now you know why I didn’t ask to see your doctors degree.. :P ] Just call them up at 2 or 3 in the night and ask them if they are sleeping…

I don’t know how its gonna be tomorrow, but for today I would say, I didn’t have to think about what i needed to write here. It is all It is.

Eon eon,
Yes Poonam?
Smoking cigarettes?
Yes Poonam..

p.s.: Am glad to have you in my life.  take care.


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